Steven Mills

Personal Development Coach from Fife, Scotland.

I am a new and up an coming personal Transition coach from Fife, Scotland.

Passionate about helping others lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

I am a personal development coach and qualified NLP Master Practitioner with 6 years military background, 3 years in construction industry and finally 6 years in sales and recruitment. This varied background gave me personally a roller coaster ride of stress, anxiety, depression and even alcoholism.

Things for me had to change, life up to 2 years ago wasn’t serving me, and I had no sense of direction or was I getting the fulfilment I wanted from my life. So I made a committed decision to change, I went through counselling and life coaching. This helped me realize my potential and in turn went on to transform my life.

I have studied counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming( Master Practitioner), psychology and coaching which has given me a great understanding and awareness for personal development in myself and others.

As a result of this I am highly motivated to help others get the transformation in their life as I did. How i do this is?Sharing my own experiences and stories and teaching effective principles and strategies through out my courses online.

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