Stefan McCormack

iTunes Rise Of China Podcast Host

Hi Everyone,

I speak more Chinese than I do English on a daily basis. I lived in China for 4 years, experienced first hand and saw what worked and didn't work for foreigners learning Chinese. I also have 2 years teaching experience, teaching business men English. I came to realise that a lot of teaching materials and methods aren't suited for the needs of Westerners. So, I created this course for Westerners that lead busy lives and need to know the most practical building blocks of Chinese in a way that can be picked up easily and quickly.

I am founder of, programmed and launched an iTunes beginner app for learning Chinese and host a podcast on iTunes called the 'Rise of China', where I interview a whole variety of people about their experiences living and doing business with China, and we discuss a lot about Chinese culture and society.

I love traveling and living in different countries. I've travelled in about 25 countries and I've lived in India, Colombia, Canada, Spain, France, U.K and Ireland. I found that learning the language of the country allowed me to delve deeper into the culture and open up a new exciting world of possibilities, experiences and friendships.

I hope you by learning Chinese, can open up and enter a whole new world of intrigue and experiences!