Steve McCarthy

Filmmaker, webmaster, digital daredevil.

 My name is Steve McCarthy, and while I am primarily a filmmaker & web designer in Tempe, Arizona, in reality I wear a lot of hats.  From stage productions to touring with a rock band, I've done a lot.  But two things matter to you: I know Moodle, and I know teaching.

I did a crash course on Moodle the hard way - learning as you go.  Trial by fire.  But what I ended up with was a fully functioning online school, and one very happy client.  I came away from that experience impressed by what the platform had to offer, and knew that others could benefit from using it.  Moodle offers an incredible (and cheap) way for teachers to bridge the digital divide and engage students in new and exciting ways.  I love teachers, and I'm stoked for any technological innovations that frees them up to do what they love and automate the rest.

Teaching isn't new for me - I've been doing it for just about a decade, in a variety of non-classroom settings.  As both a volunteer and full-time employee of non-profits, an integral part of my job was instruction and mentorship.  I'm excited to engage with the Udemy crowd and share my love.

When I'm not preaching the Moodle gospel, you can probably find me curled up with a good book and a strong cup of coffee, idly strumming my guitar, or hiking up and down South Mountain.