Steven Mays


Steven Mays is the instructor of Dynamic Flexibility.

As a practicing massage therapist, Steven helps people feel good in their bodies. Specializing in sports massage therapy, Steve is able to assist in soft tissue rehabilitation and injury prevention.

After pursuing a baseball career, Steven felt he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and found massage therapy as a great vehicle to serve others with his intuitive abilities. He completed a 600-hour massage therapy program at the Bodhi Tree Healing Arts Center in 2012, where he was able to expand upon his kinesthetic knowledge.  Used in combination with ancient healing techniques, Steven provides what's needed for growth through action. He refined his athletic ability into physiological knowledge to deliver an effective, one-of-a-kind experience that unlocks problem areas to revitalize his client’s bodies and mental/emotional wellbeing.

Steven's work can also go beyond just the physical. In 2012, he experienced a kundalini awakening. Discovering that launched him onto the spiritual path with hopes to find answers and understand his awakening on a deeper level.

Completing an ancient Shamanic Medicine Wheel teachings that works with the soul’s evolution and healing, Steve was able to uncover ancestral patterns, shed limiting roles, discover shadow aspects of self, and develop gratitude ceremonies for the 4 directions and Mother Earth. This practice is based on the Q’ero tradition, a tribe of the Andean mountains in Peru.

Continuing with spiritual work, Steven was ordained through the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love in October 2015, where he now counsels and guides others to find their power and deepest spiritual truth for themselves.

Steve uses his experience and intuition to find the root causes of physical pain and discomfort, so his clients experience sustained physical, mental and emotional health.

He spends his extra time making tibetan mala beads and coaching youth baseball. He enjoys his kundalini yoga practice and swimming in Lake Tahoe.

With an athletic training background and sound education in massage therapy (NVMT.6442), Steve has the tools to help you achieve the next health level in your life. If you are training for a sport, want relief from general soreness, or have a specific problem, let Steven share his resources of wellness with you!

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