Steve Latos

Entrepreneurial Business Builder and Executive Sales Leader

I am an entrepreneurial business builder and award winning high-end, direct sales leader, with more than 25 successful years in enterprise-level information technology sales with large corporate organizations like IBM, Hitachi and Sungard. I love to build and develop businesses, whether it is just my corner of responsibility in a larger corporate environment or my own small start-up, Zoodlebucks, LLC.

As much as I enjoy working, my true joy comes from my family, my wife and three daughters, my faith and the love I have for my country. I feel so blessed and am so very grateful that my time and place on this planet includes boundless opportunities and the freedom to pursue them!

While I am not a workaholic, I do believe that time is so precious and valuable, it is critical that the time you put into your work reflects excellence and a 110% effort. If I am going to spend time away from my family "working," I absolutely want to maximize the return on that time!

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