Steve Beedie

The Focus Guy

Steve Beedie is on a mission to help entrepreneurs students and everyday people just like you

“Elevate The Happiness Of Humanity"

After nearly a decade serving his country in the armed forces and over a year of his life spent at war Steve has seen more than most people watch in movies. His life came crashing around him after watching a young boy killed at the side of the road in Kosovo from a land mine. The devastation crippled his view of the world and caused him to journey on a dark path of PTSD fuelled with alcohol addiction and breakdowns.

Almost ten years after this atrocity Steve found himself in the prison cells after a very heavy night of drinking and woke up with the world’s worst hangover. His head spinning and his marriage on the rocks he knew it was a moment of destiny. Steve knew there was no one coming to save him and so he made a promise to himself and his family that he was going to quit drinking forever and climb out of the gutter to find a better life. Today Steve’s message and vision is clear and true.

Now a public speaker and author Steve shares his story and passion to help others who have lost faith in themselves by showing them how to re capture hope passion and purpose. Steve is a dedicated student of personal development having read nearly 500 books in the last 7 years he gave up drinking alcohol and started drinking books.

His latest vision is an online training system that teaches entrepreneurs how to Double Their Focus to help them win in business and life. Steve has used his story to capture the attention of his market by leveraging his ideas to appear in the press radio and television. Steve was able to appear in front of millions of fans from his niche by getting strategically aligned with massive joint venture partners who took his story to the media and gave him an opportunity to share his story. He used this opportunity to help raise millions of pounds for his favourite cause and help his beloved veterans live a better quality of life

Today you are invited to uncover your own inner personal power and begin increasing your focus and drive to live an extraordinary life.