Steve Pavilanis

Award-Winning Author And Former Anxiety Sufferer

I think I'm a lot like you... In my mid-20s anxiety and panic attacks crashed into my life, and I had no idea what hit me. I struggled for 5 long years, but was determined to figure it all out without relying on mind-numbing medication or traditional therapy that simply hadn't helped.

In the end I got my life back and wrote my award-winning book A Life Less Anxious in 2009 to share with others exactly how I did it. Since then my teachings have grown into this program on Udemy, where I'm teaching for the very first time my ground-breaking "R.A.I.N. Switch Technique" - which teaches you how to find the "off-switch" for your racing thoughts and feel back in control within 14 seconds.

This technique along with the other step-by-step approaches I share in this program will help no matter what type of anxiety you suffer from. I encourage you to take the leap and start this program today, I've poured my last 8+ years of teaching into it and know it will change your life.

You got this... see you on the inside :-)

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