Steve Clack

Soft Skills in the Workplace Expert

Many trainers have been teaching for over 20 years, however, I have been "doing" for over 20 years!. I have led large teams for global corporates, run small startups, developed successful strategies for businesses and the people within those businesses.

Having studied at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, I have taken all my years of people management experience, a Diploma in Human Resources, Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching Business English and combined all this knowledge to produce a series of 12 courses designed for self improvement in the workplace. 

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

An Introduction to Negotiation Skills

An Introduction to Assertiveness and Self Confidence

An Introduction to Organisational Skills

An Introduction to Communication Strategies

An Introduction to Critical Thinking

An Introduction to Conflict Resolution

An Introduction to Personal Productivity 

An Introduction to Supervising Others

An Introduction to Manager Management

An Introduction to Time Management

An Introduction to Stress Management   

More recently I have taken these training course to developing countries and have trained people in India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. My style is concise and to the point. I try to strip out all the waffle and leave you with many golden nuggets that you can take away and use on on a daily basis. (NOTE: A large portion of any revenue generated through these courses goes directly many good causes in Cambodia)

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions.



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