Stetson Rylee

Professional Guitar Player

Stetson is a child guitar prodigy. From a very early age, 13, Stetson would play on the street and amass huge crowds. At one time the crowd was so big that a police officer gave him a ticket for public disturbance.
At the age of 17, he won the Southwest division of the King of the Blues Contest and was picked as one of the top 20 Blues guitar players competing across the nation! He went on to be a 3 year store winner in Arizona.
Throughout his 10+ years of guitar experience he has personally trained and coached many other guitar players. He has coached at music stores. He also does one on one Skype sessions.
He is Guitarist and songwriter for The Veragroove. His bands have opened for big names including Alice Cooper and many others.
Overall, he is passionate about music and helping you be the best that you can possibly be.

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