Stephen Novacek

eCommerce Entrepreneur, IT Service Delivery Manager

Having worked for 26 years in Corporate IT, I learned how to support large corporate clients, generate profits for my employer and develop skills to lead large teams to ‘deliver to a contract’. My efforts however, were about building someone else’s business, not my own. 

I was exchanging my time for a salary ... there had to be a better way.

Transforming now to an entrepreneur, I am using my business and leadership skills to help teams of people around the world develop their own business. The exchange now is ‘time and passion for a residual income’.  

From my experience in the IT industry, I have established my own company from which I assist organisations to manage their IT systems.  I also run a successful eCommerce business which helps people save money online for their everyday purchases. The eCommerce business offers entrepreneurs to do what I do and generate passive residual income.  

For the first time in my life, I have documented my personal values, goals and my own business plan. As an entrepreneur my efforts and skills are being utilised to develop my own company. My future is in my own hands.

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