Stephen Lumumba

Kiswahili for Safari

Are you a tourist or business traveler planning to travel to Kenya or Tanzania? While here, would you like to have the unforgettable thrilling experience of learning Kiswahili and using it liberally in cabs, social places and on the streets? My name is Stephen Lumumba.I'm a Kenyan, born in Nairobi, Kenya, but raised in different parts of East Africa. East Africa is the bedrock of native speakers of Kiswahili. By taking this course from me, you will be learning it properly since I'm a native speaker. Have fun with this course, and more to come, and welcome to Kenya and Tanzania - where you will have a great time indulging friendly locals in light banter with your newly acquired Kiswahili knowledge! Weather as a tourist or business traveler, you will find this course invaluable.

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