Stevie Dawn Blakely

Leadership Mentor and Trainer

With over 7 years of experience in training future leaders, I am dedicated to improving the lives of others through leadership development. I believe in a positive and humorous approach to training and speaking, focusing on self-awareness and validation.

My teaching journey started many years ago as a dance teacher and coach. I have managed and owned dance studios all over the world. After an injury, I went back to school to earn my Masters degree in Sociology and am currently completing my PhD in Community College Leadership. Over the years, I have developed a deep passion for creating leaders. My current position is as a Leadership Trainer at a local community college.

I am excited to use my years of varied experience in business along with my passion for teaching to create leaders around the world using online course and Udemy! My goal is to reach out to more students and empower them to become great Be The Shark!

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