Stéphane Elmaleh-Riel, B.Ed, MBA

Marketing consultant

Stéphane Elmaleh Riel is a born entrepreneur. During his 25 years of work experience, he was self-employed for 18 of them.

He holds an MBA in marketing and business strategy from HEC-Montreal and a B.Ed from McGill University. Since he began his career he has worked in marketing.

In an ever-changing world, he has over 18 years experience in e-marketing. As early as 1998 he was managing a transactional website which generated more than 80% of new sales.

When he started he worked for Kodiak, one of the better-known trademarks in Canada. At that time, the company was extending its brand. Partnerships were established with prominent companies for the use of the Kodiak name on their apparels. Sub-brands were also created to protect the brand’s value and, at the same time, the discount stores were given the brand notoriety that they were looking for.

Subsequently he was involved in the launch of more than 15 businesses or divisions for himself or as a business consultant. These ventures included a regional retail chain in Mexico.

It is this experience and more that he brings with him as a trainer.

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