Stefan Werner

Successful Internet Marketer and Business Consultant

Stefan Werner is a 28 year old Internet Marketer and Business Consultant.

He was born in Bavaria, Germany and went to the Realschule. After the Realschule he visited an IT school where he learned alot of technical things which helped him alot in the internet marketing profession. He started creating his own information product empire by the age of 18. Now 10 years later he is still creating products and courses. He has a total of 10 years of experience in creating products and 3 years expierience in consulting businesses.

He helped a lot of local business to make more profit or be more efficient. Stefan Werner is also an barter expert and he can get everything for pennies on the dollar. He teaches businesses to apply barter and safe a lot of money or earn a lot of money extra.

Stefan Werner is also a good copywriter and footballer.

His hobbies are: fitness/bodybuilding, football, traveling