Stefanie Cronin

Tech Publicist / Social Media Strategist, Entrepreneur

Originally from New York City, Stefanie Cronin is a Tech Publicist, Branding / Social Media Strategist with a concentration in the Start-up sector.

Having previously worked for Luxury Attache, a premiere lifestyle management company based in New York, with global networks in cities including Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London, Stefanie was able to offer clients access to an impeccably curated collection of services and plan a large number of charity & corporate events.

She has worked as VP of Marketing & Business Development at Clipix and currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii where she concentrates on PR, Branding & Social Media services.

Stefanie has been asked to participate on ABC's Shark Tank and has worked Tech Crunch Disrupt - NYC as a PR / Speaker Representative.

She currently is Director of PR & Social Media for the Wonder Women Tech Conference which is being put together with City of LA and assisted by power-players such as: Google, YouTube, Microsoft and many more.

In addition to being obsessed with all things tech, Stefanie adores surfing good waves, diving with sharks, travel, and most of all teaching others how they too can work for themselves.

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