Sriram Balu

Instructor at Udemy

Mr. Sriram has an extensive experience with regards to Video based learning and Online learning for Marine Engineering, Maths, and Management. He was a Senior Writer and Editor for various Engineering Channels at BRIGHT HUB - after which he devised a new portal on his own for video based lectures on Maths and Marine Engineering.

Many School students rush to his doors for attending his class on Vedic Maths. That is not limited to school students alone, but also many graduates who prepare for various competitive exams.

A Sailing Marine Engineer - on various types of Ships, touched all Continents except Antarctica.

According to Him, "If a Student does not understand, it is a Teacher's Failure". Thus He ensures that the topic what he teaches touches not only the Mind but also the heart. The best part of Mr. Sriram's Lectures are that you will get to know about the "Know-How" in-depth of the topics which he covers.

Sailing Experience: He has sailed on board the World's Largest LNG Ship as an Engineer Managing the Power plant and the Engine room Team.

Maths: He has lectured more than 100 hours in various schools on Vedic Maths - creating a huge spark in young student's mind.

Health & Yoga: He relishes learning and implementing Ancient Indian Way of living particularly linking Yoga with Raw food diet.

Currently He loves to be a Teacher through Udemy - as He finds Udemy to be a Top notch place to offer His valuable Knowledge and reach the elite Community of students Like you.

He is currently learning and working on a Prestigious project - closely under studying and implementing ideas of THE BUNKER GURU. Want to know more - ask Him the details.

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