Srikanth D.R.A.

Full Time Forex Trader, Fund Manager and Coach

Hello and Greetings for the day…

Introducing myself as D.R.A and my sincere thanks to you for spending your valuable time in reading this .

Let me have a brief introduction about myself. Since 2005, I have been in Trading Financial markets. Like many other people, I too was fascinated by the financial markets which attracted me to trading world and this attraction was more empowered by the wish to make quick money. But, when I started my journey in trading, I recognized that reality is much different from imagination.

I understood from the loss of my few dollars initially that, we cannot be successful in trading by merely knowing the concepts or indicators in the market. What is primarily required to know is ‘how to approach the market in right way with right mindset’. That is the key requirement.

Forex market is a clever mind game and is not as rosy as it seems. After experiencing the hurdles I had to get through in the initial stages, I learned how to survive in the Forex market and how to earn money, through immense hard work and tiresome research. Now I am proud to say that I am a professional trader and make my living out of Forex trading.

For your curiosity about my educational background, I am basically an Engineering graduate and later moved to financial sector out of passion. In this, I earned experience by working with various financial firms and Investment banks and also have headed some of the top management companies.

Finally I moved out to become a full time trader. While continuing as a trader, I could complete the two levels of prestigious CFA charter holder programme from USA. After gaining more and more experience, now I am in the process of preparing for the final level.

Since I have gone through the bitter experiences of lacking proper guidance and time spent on research to find proper strategy, I am completely known about the difficulties each trader face. Hence I felt of sharing my knowledge and find-outs with people who are in trading world as well as for the fresher’s who are wishing to be traders. The course is developed with this intention and surely this will teach you from the basics and guide you through practical ways of doing the trading without any confusion.

From my experience of training hundreds of students, I could understand what lacks in the understanding of trading by newbies. Hence my course materials are structured mostly in the form of animated videos and live examples with detailed explanations, so that it is easy for any person to understand. It is not necessary to have a financial knowledge too to comprehend it.

Trading is not a tough job, if you learn the required skills systematically and implement it in a disciplined way. You will start loving trading once you get into the right path. I assure you that this course will surely help you become a successful trader.

I, request you to please go through the details of the course materials so as to get a complete picture on the topics covered. 

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