I am Sridevi Vijayasankar . I hold a Post graduate degree in Mathematics and Master of Philosophy in Mathematics. I have a great passion for teaching, especially in Mathematics and Banking & Finance.

I also hold Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) and Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). The courses covered under JAIIB and CAIIB are

(1) Principles & Practices of Banking (2) Accounting & Finance for Bankers (3) Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking, (4) Risk Management

Working Experience

I have a good working experience in banking and finance management for almost 18 years. I worked in Provident Fund Organization for 8 years; after that I worked in State Bank of India for almost 10 years. I gained vast experience in banking & finance and management in SBI; worked in various departments of SBI.

During my stint in SBI, I worked as a Credit Analyst for almost 5 years in the Mid Corporate Group where in I have handled more than 20 kinds of industries.

I have gained good experience in (i) working capital assessment, (ii) project finance, (iii) risk assessment, (iv) financial analysis, (v) post sanction process and follow up (vi) restructuring package for sick companies etc.

I also worked as a Branch Manager and during this period I have handled financial portfolios of few clients. I have an excellent experience of working in rural areas and involved in financial inclusion.

What I am going to do in Udemy

I would like to pursue my passion for teaching, my dream. My main goal is teaching mathematics in a simple way so that all benefits from it, including math haters. I will also be teaching finance and banking, so that it reaches all. Finance and banking is not only required for the people who are working in this area but also for business men and common people who are investing their hard earned money.

I also would like to help the students who are aspiring to enter education institutions or jobs where the main testing method is aptitude tests. In exams like GRE, GMAT STAT, SAT, GAT, ACT etc. also mathematics plays an important role. In most of the exams calculator is not allowed and time management plays vital role, it means how quickly one could solve the problems.

The epitome of my success comes when all understand and appreciate my way of teaching. I would love to look forward to it….. Here I come.