Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Founder/MD Schogini Inc.

Schogini is the first company with more than 450+ live mobile apps in the locations that matter. You can find the Schogini mobile apps in the app stores of iTunes, Google Play and Windows App Hub. This tells you that Schogini can deliver high quality apps on any mobile platform.

Schogini has always been fanatic about learning & mastering the latest and best in technology.

Schogini is equally passionate about sharing its vast knowledge of over a decade in web, SEO, eCommerce and mobile technologies. We try to keep our programs as simple and clear as possible to be able to get anyone who is willing to learn get on track quickly!

About Sree - Founder & MD Schogini Inc

Sree (as he is called), is a cutting edge IT professional, who has extensive expertise in hardware & software, from to micro-controllers to mainframes.

His journey into IT started at the age of 17 when he passed the City and Guilds of London Exam with Credit. He is an honors graduate in engineering and has worked with many blue chip companies and Airlines like ORG Systems and KLM. Sree has received numerous awards for his commendable contributions, efficiency and huge cost savings.

As part of his remarkable career, Sree has traveled to more than 30 countries, to implement IT solutions and train IT professionals.

A few accomplishments:

  • Advanced SEO Certified Professional
  • Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer
  • Received the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification
  • Completed the Advanced Software Development Techniques at TIFR

Currently, he is pursuing his MBA in International Business and eCommerce, with specialization in Mobile Games.

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