Special Skills Academy

Teaching Useful Skills Online and Professional Certification

The Special Skills Academy is an educational training center, a pioneer in workforce analysis and an implementer of specialized training solutions that help employ today's workforce. Our innovative training courses and easy-to-use online assessments are tailored to meet the professional needs of job seekers and employers.

Traditional education by colleges and universities can be expensive, and is not always effective. Special Skills Academy's mission is a focus on filling that gap with a personalized, interactive and engaging online learning experience.

We teach useful and modern up-to-date skills. Our goal is to provide you with specialized skills that make you more valuable. We build courses that give you the tools to approach real-world business problems.

Our academy is based in both the USA and UK. For most of Special Skills Academy courses you get a professional certification after you complete a real-time, online test with our USA or UK based test center. You can choose between a USA or UK certificate based of your career targets. Our courses can also help you to pass the certification exams from other test centers or to learn useful how-to knowledge and skills.

Courses that Special Skills Academy is enrolled in