Vikas Malkani & Sally Forrest, SoulCentre Academy


SoulCentre is Asia's Premier Personal Development Centre.

Vikas Malkani and Sally Forrest, the founders of SoulCentre, are leading experts and international best selling authors on personal development.

Our mission is to bring out the best in each and every person we meet.

Life is too short to live a boring, conditioned, unhappy and miserable life.... spend time on yourself and soon you will see that life is whatever we make it to be.

"We are the authors of our own life story " Vikas Malkani

We provide world class training in Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki Self Healing and effective Life Skills for happiness and success.

We work with adults, children, groups, individuals and corporations around the world.

Our award winning training programs for adults (SoulCentre) and children (SoulKids) have benefitted people around the world and across all nationalities.

We train people from beginners all the way to certified teachers of our unique programs.

Do connect with us - we are delighted to connect and support in any way.

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