Coach Sofi

Professional Trainer

My passion for training and education is fuelled by my raison d'ĂȘtre - to make a difference in people's life. I believe that my positive attitude, enthusiasm and energy can be rubbed on others to spur them to new heights. I strongly hold on to the adage that knowledge that is not shared, is knowledge wasted. I strongly believe in educating others as it creates a ripple effect. Once students have gained that knowledge, they will feel motivated and empowered to share with others about what they have learned. I gain immense satisfaction when I see others share the knowledge that they have gained in class and apply it in their lives.

Having been in the industry for ten years, I have gained an insightful exposure to a myriad of training methods, andragogies and pedagogies. I have been an associate trainer under the banner of various Continuing Education and Training (CET) campuses, training adults from all walks of lives in life skills such as communication skills, basic conversational English and computer literacy.

I have also been a freelance trainer under the banner of various educational consultancies, coaching students from primary school to pre-university level. I have trained on aspects of leadership, motivational skills, communication skills, cyber-wellness, study skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and other life skills.

One notable recent stint as an associate trainer was training a group of adults from a Community Development Council. Initially a quiet and reserved class, I managed to transform them into a rather rowdy, fun and lively bunch. By the end of the 5-day course, the participants were willing to go out of their way the help share their knowledge on computer literacy with one another. Their kind words of gratitude at the end of the course was humbling, to say the least. To quote one the participants, 'Thank you in encouraging and motivating us always, it makes a difference in our lives.' Receiving a pretty necklace as a token of appreciation helps too!

It is experiences like this that spurs me on to take on new challenges in the training industry. I achieve great satisfaction in impacting the lives of others in a positive manner. My aim is to spread the positivity in others in their journey of life-long learning.

Due to the wide spectrum of training-related skill set that I possess, coupled with my burning passion for knowledge sharing, I believe that I am an asset to any training organisation. I hope to explore more opportunities in being an established instructor on Udemy. Given the chance, I am confident that I can boost your skill set through my engaging and lively methods.

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