Sobiya Jesudasan

Limited Company UK Tax Advisor, Freelancing Project Manager

Having graduated with a PhD, I moved into Project Management and have gained so far 8+ years of experience. In the last couple of years, I set up my own limited Company and worked under it as a Contractor/Freelancer. By working through my own company I have very much enjoyed the flexibility and control I have on my income and my Tax liability. I didn't like relying always on my Accountant to tell me how much money I can and can't take out of the company, what's tax deductible, how much tax, VAT, etc I have to pay every year, and not to mention the high fees the Accountants charge for all this work. A lot of the information available on the UK HMRC website and other sources use technical language which makes it very difficult for some to understand the UK Tax system. So I made it my mission to learn as much as I can about the UK Tax System, do the Tax returns and Accounts filing myself to save money on the hefty Accountancy Fees. I also decided to explain it simply to those who want to learn and have more control over their Limited Company finances.

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