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My name is Pye, and I wish to first and foremost thank you all for supporting our education.

My journey into the rabbit hole that is photography never ceases to amaze me. As a professional photographer and as the Editor in Chief for SLR Lounge, I have had the wonderful honor of meeting and interviewing top industry professionals in all photographic specialties.

Among the most successful of these photographers, I have found a single common thread. The never ending desire for continual self-improvement as a photographer, artist and creative professional. Photographers that were published on hundreds of magazine covers, shot for virtually every major brand name and celebrity, were telling me how they monthly or even weekly shoot personal projects to continue to perfect their skills.

These humbling examples have only reinforced my belief that there is no "end" to pursuing the perfect photograph. No matter how much I have learned, it only reminds me of how much I don't yet know.

At SLR Lounge, our goal is to create "gold standard" educational products, frameworks, systems and resources that are designed to assist photographers in focusing on being creatives throughout this journey.

What's my advice to you? To recognize photography not as a destination, but rather a lifelong journey. Acknowledge that there are no absolutes in this creatively subjective world and never stop in your pursuit of learning and continual self-improvement.

Some of my fondest memories and experiences in my career as a photographer weren't made at any particular point or destination, but were gained along the journey. So, welcome to the journey, I advise you to take time to pause and enjoy every step along the way. Thank you for joining us, and as always, "I'll see you all in the next video."

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