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The explanation experts

simpleshow is the market leader for explainer videos. Every day we help our customers to explain their project or idea through the creation of simple and concise explainer videos. The company was founded in 2008 by three media production graduates, who borrowed a friend's video camera, and produced their first explainer video in the basement. Since then, simpleshow has produced thousands of videos in more than 50 languages for hundreds of companies, among them prominent international names such as Adobe, Airbus, BMW, Deutsche Bank, eBay, IKEA, Microsoft, Novartis, Volkswagen and many others.

We explain complicated topics in a simple, highly appealing, and engaging way. The effectiveness of our methodology is scientifically proven. Our handcrafted explainer video format uses lively storytelling, and a balanced combination of language and supporting illustrations so that the explanation stays in mind.

Now we aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to acquire knowledge quickly and simply. Featuring renowned specialists sharing their expertise, our goal is to provide the perfect blend of lectures, revisions, summaries and other learning tools, making it easy to understand even the most complex topics.