Simon Bozeat

A graduate from Nottingham University Simon Bozeat first worked for The Ford Motor Company and later found himself in training and personal development subsequently holding senior positions in Lloyds, Siemens and GEC

During the 90’s Simon worked with the best of the best in training. Companies such as Huthwaite Research, PE International and PTP training and marketing

Simon became an expert in Behaviour Analysis. He learned the behaviours that distinguish the top performers from the average, He also learned NLP via Tony Robbins

Simon found that executives, managers, sales and non-operations support staff often lacked one core skill, the ability to persuade other people to want what they want.

Consequently the first suite of Simon’s training products became known as ‘Persuading Powerful People’.

In 1997 Simon launched his own business and his first major client was Rolls-Royce Aerospace based in Derby. The initial contract was for 6 months however it went on for 3.5 years. Simon is now a genuine authority on how to make colossal change happen.

Simon became know in Rolls Royce as ‘Mr Facilitator’. Whenever a senior executive needed to bring people together to address challenging problems then Simon was called in as the man to make it happen. He is a world-class facilitator skilled in bringing people together with well-intentioned yet disparate thoughts to align them around a compelling vision of the future and route map to make it happen.

It was during this period that, without knowing it, he became a one-to-one business coach. With so much experience to draw on Simon can rapidly help talented, ambitious and time-poor business professionals address complex change and persuasion related challenges.

At the dawn of the new millennium Simon turned his attention to the professional services market and the sales challenges they faced. He spent 6 months interviewing many of the UK’s leading law, accounting firms and banks. He asked one question: “What are the factors which contribute to and hinder sales success in your business?” The result is the acclaimed white paper. ‘Making it Rain, how to skate anti-clockwise’ and a host of opportunities followed training people to sell, persuade and influence

Towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century Simon spotted a gap in the market for high profile business clubs. He launched the Ashby Business Club in 2008 which morphed into the Midlands Leadership Experience (MLE) in 2010.

Simon took advantage of 2012, the incredible year of sport in the UK, to become a triathlete. He is currently writing a book about the experience called ‘Tri’ing to get in shape, one lampost at a time’ He is raising considerable funds for his nominated charities whilst training to increase his distances with an ambition to complete an Ironman triathlon.