Minvydas Latauskas

Corporate training & education

I am a specialist in the field of presentation of complex, intellectual products. I have more than 10 years of experience in marketing, PR, project management, and the development of media products. I am fascinated by gamification and its integration into educational and training products. I am trying to bring calmness and composure to challenging projects requiring the integration of new technologies into established environments. I am fluent in the English, Lithuanian and Russian languages.

With my course, I would like to present the tool improving the quality of education and to present the abilities of it. The tool is called Simformer and it is based on business simulation. Simformer is a versatile and scalable business simulation platform. A vast amount of functions and features of the platform provide opportunity to organize practical skill orientated training for both students and corporate clients in virtually. Simformer offers a rare fusion of capabilities in the fields of educational technology, game design, business development, HR, and design and development of complex computer systems.

The main focus is the continuous development and implementation of a new generation, educational, and practical skill-oriented online platform based on business simulations. It is open to course developers, business trainers, and teachers who are now able to create unique educational products aimed at the development of skills, as well as provide simulation based training, which is proven to add to learning retention based on experience rather than theory.

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