Silvester Spath

Mechanical engineer

As a mechanical engineer I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2002. Since then I have become very familiar with the engineering profession through a wide variety of daily assignments. I have gained a great deal of experience in many fields of engineering. For 8 years I designed steel structures as a design engineer and product development engineer. At present I work as a specialist doing machine design and strength of material calculations (static and tensile analysis). While carrying out my daily assignments, I have experienced how the knowledge gained during my university studies should be applied in order to accomplish real life problems, as well as learning how to combine what was learned in subjects such as statics, strength of materials, material sciences, mechanics, and mathematics in order to use them together.

With education I began dealing while working as a design engineer. I partook in a program that dealt with the vocational training of young students. I put together a training material entitled “Machining of steel and practical information”, which proved to be successful, since it was the first of its kind in the educational system. The training material was distributed among the students participating in the company’s summer vocational training program. The students picked up the material while completing their daily assignments, and therefore I was given constant feedback regarding the usefulness and efficiency of the material.

I find it important to continuously further my education, and therefore I completed a six month postgraduate IWT (International Welding Technologist) training program in 2012, which greatly expanded my engineering knowledge. At my current place of employment this knowledge gives me an opportunity to not only do static and strength of materials design, but also do welding design, which is a responsible and complex assignment.

Summarizing engineering sciences, illustrating the connections between the various territories and presenting all this in an understandable manner gives me great joy. My goal in creating this course is to hand on this knowledge. With the help of e-learning this can be done in a totally new manner.

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