Siddhartha Nahar

Entrepreneur, Coach, Investor and Philanthropist

About The School:

Alternate School was founded in 2014 by Syd Nahar with an Objective to impart  knowledge and skills to people that they would never learn at any traditional educational setup. 

The skills to make money in the Digital Economy. 

Alternate school specialises in  a unique Class of Investments called the Digital Assets. Digital Assets are Online Businesses which can be operated form anywhere in the world. The idea is to invest and run location independent businesses and escape the rat race. We plan to deliver lessons and courses which will help leave their boring 9-5 Jobs and make money at the comfort of their home.

Digital assets include web based businesses like blogs, E-Commerce Stores, Affiliate Sites and cryptocurrencies. 

Our Mission is to change 10,000 lives on this planet and help them create a lifestyle based business. 

About the Instructor:

Syd Nahar is passionate about Entrepreneurship, Investments and Meditation. He began his career at 22 by working for an oil company but somehow never felt satisfied with whatever he was doing in his life. He started his online business when he was 23 and the day he made his first $100 online, he never looked back. 

He is strategic investor in Digital Assets and has managed a portfolio of over $500,000. 

After 4 years in this business, he felt the need to teach this knowledge to people after sensing that there is a huge void when it comes to quality online courses that teach people to make money online. 

He believes ethics and business go hand in hand and that if he changes one life, he changes one world.

Join me to create this digital revolution. 

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