Hasib Azhand MBA

Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, and Entrepreneur

It is impossible to be part of an audience listening to Hasib Azhand without being inspired to rise to any challenge. His story is that remarkable. Hasib is the son of Afghan refugees who fled to America during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. He is a first-generation American with a special appreciation for all the opportunities available to him and to everyone who lives in this country.

Hasib has done much with his opportunities, starting with earning a bachelor’s degree and MBA. He has trained and empowered thousands of individuals all across the country to live better lives. Hasib enjoys sharing his passion of seizing opportunities to enrich life and accomplish more on the job and in personal relationships. His enthusiasm is contagious. More importantly, his ideas are innovative and able to make a real difference in productivity and results.

If you are looking for a speaker who has the power to transform the way your staff looks at your workplace challenges, relationships, and life itself, invite Hasib Azhand to lead your next company meeting or in service training session. You will be delighted with his insights.

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