Shuhada Alauddin

Colour Personality & Behavioral Analysis Expert

Shuhada Alauddin founded a company called MYRYL (pronounced my-real) 3 years ago; the same time when she decided to give up her legal firm's partnership and quit the corporate legal practice that she was in for 10 years.

Armed with Bachelor of Law (Hons) and became a Certified Personality Development & Colour Therapy Practitioner, Certified Neuro Semantics & Neurolingusitc Programming Master Practitioner, Certified Body Language Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist & Time Lines Practitioner and Certified Self Actualization Psychology Practitioner - she is now a full time trainer, coach and consultant in MYRYL.

Her forte: Personality Development, Colour Therapy & Behavioral Analysis.
Her niche: Helping people make career change

Being someone who has gone through a major career change herself, Shuhada understands what it really takes to do so and is familiar with the challenges. It has become her personal mission to help those who are in search of a new career or dream of starting a business; to identify what exactly are they meant to do, shorten their learning curve which hopefully can get them one step closer to reaching their full potential and ultimately their dream job.

Shuhada travels all over Malaysia (where she is originally from) to conduct workshops and trainings that she has been invited to and also has her own TV shows and segments in the local TV stations where she shares on her expertise.

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