Shuai Zhang

Welcome to My World!

       Hi guys! My name is Shuai Zhang. Ever since I was a child I have developed a keen interest in languages, and have always believed that to study a language finally means to study a culture, a people, and a different way of looking at the world. With a dream to bridge the cultural gap between China and the West and to explore more fun in life, I went to the United States to study Mass Communications after earning the bachelor’s degree in Interpretation and Translation (Chinese/English Program) in China. Upon graduation I got a job offer from a U.S. company and worked as a senior translator for several years. 

       Studying and working in a foreign country has been a fascinating journey for me. I had my first bite of the exotic avocado and enjoyed the first American opera performance in life; I taught foreign friends how to make dumplings and shared with them the Chinese culture and fun facts about China. Throughout the years, I have also been teaching kids, business people and college professors Chinese. I have never thought that languages could open so many doors for me, to various cultures, different perspectives, precious friendship, golden opportunities, and so many more. And I know for the years to come, teaching Chinese and sharing China’s culture is and will remain a great cause that I am always so proud of. 

       Being a language nerd that loves traveling so much, I know how great it is if you know the essential expressions of the country you are traveling to. Knowing the basics will give you a totally different (in a wonderful way) experience! And many of my foreign friends have told me that an easy-to-follow and reasonably priced course on survival Chinese that they could study on the go is exactly what they need, which is why I created Essential Chinese for Travelers (1)  and Essential Chinese for Travelers (2)   Just relax and enjoy them! Please follow my facebook page Chinese with Shuai  and twitter @ShuaiChinese for more up-to-date and interesting Chinese language and culture tips! ^_^

       Life is good. And you are the cook of your own life. Mix it with the fresh taste of new languages and the spices of different cultures; you will create an amazing dish of your own!