Shouvik Lahiri

Coach, Mentor and Trainer - Achieve with me..

The planet earth pulls every object towards itself by means of the gravitational force that is invisible. Likewise we need a force – the force of confidence, positivity and dedication to achieve our goals – professional or personal, spiritual or earthly. A coach is the best guide who instills this force in us.

Shouvik is the coach who’s academic and professional career profiles stand unique with a treasure of expertise and experience. As a trainer with 14+ years of practicing managerial professionals, he has trained over hundreds of people in overcoming the stumbling blocks which comes on their way to success in achieving their goals. As a coach he has done personalized one to one coaching to over 80 people including Top Executives, Celebrities and Sportsperson.

Shouvik’s ability of reading minds and motivating people is quite vivid by his long streak of his Research, Study, Specializations and Certifications.