Shonté Jovan Taylor

Personal Development Coach~Author~Speaker

Hi. I’m Shonté Jovan Taylor and I am an Author, Speaker, Life & Professional Coach, and Neuroscientist by training. I love how the mind and brain works and at one time used my knowledge in healthcare to help people with brain deficits such as Alzheimer’s disease or traumatic brain injury. Now I use the knowledge of the brain to empower people with how their brain works to optimize their professional and personal lives.

I believe that we all have the capacity to live our best life NOW! By learning how to use our brains better and how to improve our brain health we can learn to expand our capacity and potential.

I have BOTH Universal Experience (for you right-brainers…I get you!) and University Credentials (for you left-brainers…yes…I get you too!)

I am educated by several universities, but I have gained my wisdom from experiences and people within the business, research, and social science fields. I have also read hundreds of articles and books across subject lines and eras including Neuroscience (of course), business, philosophy, psychology, physics, Eastern philosophy, marketing, as well as health and wealth subjects.

I have used my own skills and techniques to write a book, start several Personal Development Products and Services, and have shared my messages with the world stage alongside well-known leaders.

I know people. I know brains. I can’t wait to help you optimize your brain and ultimately your relationships, your businesses, and your potential.

Potential. Let’s tap it…Together