Sheryl Jefferson

Social Media Consultant

I’m Sheryl, the founder of Light Tree Media.

I’m a social media and marketing consultant and my passion is developing social media strategies designed to make an impact.

I work with small companies, entrepreneurs and one-man bands specialising in developing outstanding social media strategies. My mission is to help those companies and individuals give value and create meaningful relationships with customers which leads to conscious purchasing decisions from the buyer. 

I’m always testing (and sometimes breaking) social media platforms, techniques and processes to see what works and gets SEEN. Within a month of launching a niche website Ebay UK and Zazzle found it and wanted to be featured on my website. The amazing thing; I did this with with no ad budget or connections!

Before that I spent 10 years in the corporate world working for a global retailer as a merchandiser and eventually in marketing and worked with big worldwide brands. 

All of this exposure was brilliant as I learned what triggers buying patterns and how people shop and perceive advertising.

I also contribute to websites such as Business 2 Community, a place where all the best business minds get together and write articles which are then submitted to Google News and Yahoo. 

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