Sheree Custred

Psychologist, Professor, Missionary, and Administrator

Hi, I lead a rather simple life and it is a life I love. I reside in the house my great-great grandparents built in the 1880’s. Prior to living here, I was serving as a Missionary in Asia where I was teaching English to students both young and old. It was a delightful experience, which I will forever treasure. I am happy to be home to support and encourage my sons while loving my grandchildren. In addition to teaching with Udemy, I teach at an Online University and I am a Psychology Professor at a traditional local college. I also continue to teach in Asia via the internet on a weekly basis.

In the past, I worked as a Special Education teacher in a larger inner city school. As you can see, I really love teaching; it has become my passion, when I teach I feel energized. I remember as a young child being asked what I wanted to do when I grew up and I always thought - if someone would pay me to go to school, I would be happy. I think teaching was my answer to prayer.

Prior to entering the teaching field, I served as a psychologist and administrator at a juvenile detention facility. Before that, I worked as an administrator and caseworker with the severely mentally ill. Initially I worked in a facility for emotionally disturbed adolescent boys and this fueled my career path to working and teaching troubled youth.

I hold a Master of Science in School Psychology and when combined with my experience I have learned a great deal, about how people learn. I actually wrote my thesis on Birth Order and Learning Style. My passion for this study has never waned through the years. I hope you are able to find your passion and find an unending source of satisfaction as you embrace it.

I believe that a life of service is fulfilling and in keeping with that concept, I have tried to serve those around me as often as is possible. The opportunity to learn from others as they learn from me is a life altering experience. I also enjoy doing other volunteer work and feel as if every time I serve I get the gift of relationship.

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