Shems Heartwell

Life Coach At Conscious Living & Loving

My unique gift is my ability to make personal growth not only sustainable, but deeply enriching, rewarding and fun. I have mentored with some amazing teachers, who have supported me to consistently look deeper into each situation or challenge with greater awareness along with the willingness to learn and grow through every opportunity.

After many years of personal growth and mentoring of others, I have found that breathing is a key component to holistic healing and transformation. Understanding and logic can only take one so far, until it becomes essential to use the immense intelligence of the body and conscious breath to carry us through limitations to new levels of conscious awareness and integration.


  • Graduate of the Hendricks 2-year Leadership & Transformation Program (Hendricks Institute: Foundation for Conscious Living)
  • Certified Relationship Coach and Certified Big Leap Coach (Hendricks Institute: Foundation for Conscious Living)
  • One year Advanced training at the Relational Constellation Institute of California
  • Extensive training and experience in releasing trauma
  • Inner work and study with a variety of Teachers, Mentors and Spiritual Guides
  • Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, LAc. (Five Branches University)
  • 20 years of dedicated Qi Gong, Breathwork and Yogic practices

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