Sheldon Hylton

Entrepreneur, Investor, Fitness Instructor & Dating Coach

I've been creating businesses online since 2005 and sold 2 companies for over $200,000.

This success is all due to low upfront costs and utilizing a force available to us all.

Learn how to become a Successful Entrepreneur and maximize productivity and returns.

Learn how to become a Natural Badass in your Dating Life and attract anyone.. Literally.

Gain valuable insight about fitness, that only comes through years of trial and error.

Change your life today and learn from the experts!


Many popular books such as Think and Grow Rich, The Entrepreneurs Mind, The Outliers, Differentiate or Die, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Four Hour Work Week support my Philosophy.

I will teach you lessons to help you adjust to entrepreneurship, a constantly changing field.

I will teach you how to create exactly what you want in your life.

I will provide you with priceless knowledge from studies of the worlds top performers such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and much more.


I am experienced with over 7 years of experience in high intensity training.

I will teach you powerful abdominal exercises that build hard and lean muscle mass

I will teach you how to make your fitness goals a reality with little upfront effort on your part.

I will motivate you on why it is worth it to be fit, over letting yourself get "out of hand".


I have over 5 years of one on one dating coaching internationally, impacting many lives almost instantly.

I will teach you powerful advice and techniques, turning you into an irresistible highly valuable man.

I will teach you lessons that cost me thousands, passed down to me from one on one cunsulting with the top gurus in the industry thats only taught to their elite members, at a fraction of the cost.

Become the best at understanding female psychology in your whole city so you can add value to their lives as I can do for you.

TRUST ME ON THIS ONE, you will be amazed by the changes in your life that I can offer you, if I could do it, then you could do it and much more.

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