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It's me!!! Sheetal Mulay.

Born and brought up in Mumbai-India.

I did my Engineering & started my career as a software programmer.

Then, I completed my MBA & worked with corporates for 10 Years.

During this period I got opportunities to work with big clients.

It gave me a lot of exposure to the technical and business aspects of such companies.

But a JOB is “A JOB”.

Even though I was earning well, there was something which was suffocating me. I wanted to do something more substantial and which could satisfy my creativity. I left my job and started my entrepreneurial journey. The decision was not really that easy.

I was all alone. No mentor. No Godfather or anyone who can lead me to the right direction. I was not sure, what I am going to sell, to whom and how. I was confused.

I was having only two things. Faith in God and desire to do something better. I am sure you can understand what I am talking about because all startups go through same phases.

I started with my chocolate business. Struggled a lot. I have my Tea blend business which keeps money rolling. I learned a lot during these ventures.

But there was still something I was not happy about. I was trying hard to figure it out. One day I got a chance to share my experience with other entrepreneurs. I got the key. The more we share the more we have.

That is how coaching journey started.

That is my story :-)

I would love to know about you and your story .

Do not hesitate to ask for any help if you need.

Stay Tuned,


Sheetal Mulay

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