Shawn Wicks

Type 1 Diabetic, Cage Fighter, Transformation Specialist!

I'm a former overweight, unhealthy and unhappy individual. For years I struggled to lose weight and get into shape. I tried pretty much everything I could find online and in magazines, but I never saw the results I was expecting for the effort I was giving. I would get so frustrated and it seemed hopeless. I was spending so much on gym memberships, supplements, programs, and I even hired a personal trainer!

Finally in 2012, it happened. After many months of being ill I was diagnosed with adult onset Type 1 Diabetes. It was terrifying. Unlike Type 2, there is no reversing the disease with diet and exercise and I would have to take insulin shots for the rest of my life! When the initial shock was over I started researching everything I could about the disease and found that most all of the complications could be avoided with proper nutrition and exercise. This was my turning point.

Today I am in the best shape of my life, I am a competitive fighter, a personal trainer and nutrition coach. After successfully helping my first two clients not only change their bodies but change their entire lives I decided to make my method available to everyone. I am finally living the life that I deserve and I look forward to helping you do the same.

You Deserve It!

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