UPDATE: Due to how the Udemy website works, my courses are divided between two different users, ShawnTierney, and Shawn-Tierney-2, and between the two I have the following courses available:

PLC "Core" Basics: Getting started with A-B PLCs!

PVP Basics: Learn to setup, use, and program the PanelView Plus!

PLC Basics, Second EditionLearn to setup, use, and program A-B PLCs!

PAC BasicsLearn to setup, use, and program the A-B ControlLogix!


My name is Shawn Tierney from The Automation Blog, and I love sharing what I've learned about automation products with others.

I spent my first twenty five years in the automation business working as a Rockwell Automation Distributor Specialist helping electricians, technicians, and controls engineers implement automation solutions using Allen-Bradley PLCs, PACs, and HMIs, as well as Rockwell Software SCADA and MES products.

Over the course of my career I attended over fifty weeks of Rockwell factory training, and attained several certifications including Rockwell's Certified Automation and Information Specialist, as well as Microsoft's Certified Professional status.

I've also maintained an online presence since 1996 to share automation tips and code, and launched my first website in 1999 featuring my own sample code for PLC-5, SLC-500, MicroLogix, ControlLogix, PanelView and RSView products.

And for over a decade Rockwell Automation even featured my HMI graphics in their own demos, presentations, and sales brochures, as well as on the Automation Fair show floor, and in RSTechED sessions.

These days I'm self-employed as an automation educator, and I'm also the author of the internet's most popular independent automation blog, The Automation Blog dot com, where I enjoy discussing automation products and challenges with people from around the world.

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