Shawn Flynn

Sales Coach

Shawn Flynn is a highly motivated and passionate sales professional with a never-ending entrepreneurial spirit. Shawn takes pride in his ability to bring salespeople from any level of sales experience and success to a professionally elite level of success in the sales world.

Shawn has coined the phrase "Unleash Your Inner Sales Beast" and that sums up his approach to working with sales professionals.  We all have a sales beast inside of us, it is just a matter of waking it up - and that is exactly what Shawn does for every sales professional that he works with.  Think of Shawn as a personal trainer for sales professionals. He also works with companies of all sizes and runs sales courses, trainings and boot camps.  Shawn Flynn has a wealth of sales knowledge and takes pride in his ability to not only share this with others but also give them the know-how to properly utilize the knowledge. Knowledge is nothing without proper application.

Shawn also works as a marketing specialist, working with companies, personal brands and individuals from all walks of life increase the effectiveness and results of their marketing strategies.  

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