Shauntae Jordan

Speaker, Author, & Empowerment Coach at SMJ Speaks, LLC

A well-recognized, award winning motivational speaker and life empowerment coach,

Shauntae is also the author of a highly respected publication titled: Learn How I Made a Fortune While in College: A Real-life Student Strategy Guide. Clearly aware of what’s at the root of a productive life, the fabric of Shauntae’s success lies in her relentless determination to help youth, college students, and young professionals feel good about themselves. Her slogan, “Ignite the Drive within You,” speaks volumes, as her mission is to light a fire under each young adult so they can live an authentic, enriched life. Portrayed as animated, outgoing, interactive and fun, Shauntae has a way of getting to the untapped potential in young women, incorporating a solution-directed approach that most definitely inspires and ignites women with a newfound passion for their lives.

Creating an atmosphere of sheer fun, she has mastered the art of optimism, encouragement and exuberance, tackling the challenge of building self-esteem by applying a cheerful strategy that is unique to her alone. Whether one is in middle school, high school, college or the work arena, Shauntae relates by bringing into play an entertaining strategy that draws out the best from her participants, encouraging self-love and self-worth without emotional upheaval.

As Founder and CEO of SMJ Speaks, Shauntae tailors speaking engagements specifically to her audience’s needs, and has been recognized for implementing groundbreaking initiatives that impact on women throughout her community and the country. Her philosophy is simple but empowering: “No matter how much someone believes in you, until you believe in yourself, you will not gain success.”

Prior to her building SMJ Speaks, Shauntae had a successful career in financial services, consumer products, telecommunications and retail industries within Fortune 500 companies. As a respected, individual, she has earned a reputation as a leading motivational speaker, empowerment coach and author who uses her time, talent and resources to enrich those in her community. She is a member and VP of PR-Rock Hill Toastmasters, Women Inter-Cultural Exchange, Women of Acumen and Professional Business Women of Rock Hill.

Shauntae is a proud graduate of Winston-Salem State University, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, followed by her earning her MBA from the University of Phoenix. She currently contracts the Be the Driver of Your Success Leadership Program™ as a Facilitator and Developer at Winston-Salem State University. She has also been acknowledged in the International Toastmaster’s Speech Contest as a winner and won the Virtuous Woman award from C.R.A.V.E. In addition to her work as a Coach, Speaker and Author, she has dedicated thousands of hours to the United Way, Teen Health Center and more.