Shaun Smith

Music Instructor At Udemy

My name is Shaun Michael Smith and I grew up in Detroit Michigan. I have pushed the boundaries of music theory and guitar playing for the past 30 years and have taught an advanced way of learning to my students for the past 10 years.

I have always admired guitarist like Al Di Meola, Scott Henderson, and Alan Hinds, among many others.

I started teaching about 10 years ago enveloping students from the basics of chord creation using intervals instead of the common open chord method.

I have attended multiple colleges to study music and have countless credits in music theory.

My students reach my technical level of playing in around 6 months. (once a week lessons)

I am very passionate about music and seek to push the boundaries of known music theory as well music as a whole that we hear today bringing it to the next levels of tomorrow.

I currently live in North Hollywood, California

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