Troy Rushton

Domain Trader

The Domain Exchange, founded in 2011 by Domain Trading Expert Troy Rushton, was originally “just“ a platform where advanced domain investors had access to the best tools for researching and winning domains in auctions. But Troy had a vision beyond servicing the few wealthy ones…a vision to spread the word about the domain trading opportunity and open it up to people, just like you…People who have a vision to achieve great things in life and simply looking for the best ways to get there.

Troy and his team set out on their mission to educate people all around the world on the domain trading opportunity and bring some competition into a very lucrative space that only few advanced investors were dominating.

In 2011 Troy was invited to speak a National Achievers Congress in San Jose, alongside Anthony Robbins and Donald Trump, and people loved the concept of domain trading. All they needed now was education.

The Domain Mastery eCourse was launched in Jan 2013 and includes the most up to date information. Troy often does LIVE webinars and Q/A sessions with Protrada members and continues to help people achieve their vision of success through domain trading.