Sharon LaVigne

Educator, Teacherpreneur

My goal is to provide tools, resources and products that empower teachers to live their best lives, in and outside of the classroom.

I'm Sharon LaVigne, educator, web-tech enthusiast, and life-long learner. I've trained countless numbers of teachers, media specialists and educators on how to use web-technology to “power-up" the classroom environment. As an invited workshop facilitator through Georgia Tech University/Foundations For the Future Initiative, I've been privileged to lead K-12 educators towards embracing web-based technology in the classroom. As technology continues to shape instructional methods, I've grown increasingly passionate about connecting students, teachers, administrators and the broader educational community with web-based tools that support the vast and diverse needs of today's K-12 learner.

“Performance expectations continue to get higher. Standards are becoming more rigorous. Classes are growing larger and more diverse. Students are less motivated and engaged. Teachers have a tough job to do."

My goal is to help teachers function at their highest and healthiest levels by providing them with tools and resources that make them happy! For students, this translates into improved student engagement, increased digital literacy, and greater levels of creativity and academic success.

Happy Teachers = Happy Students

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