Code Karate

Drupal Education and Tutorials

Hi, we're Code Karate. Actually, Code Karate is made up of Adam and Shane. We have been doing website development and design specifically in Drupal for about 5 years. Over those years we have become "experts" in the field. Our work has been the backbone of some major brands including L.A. Lakers and American Idol.

A few years back we jumped into eCommerce websites and aimed at helping companies sell their products online. Our experience in doing over 25 ecommerce sites has gained us the knowledge to not only know how to build the site, but how to build a site to make an impact.

We continue to write on a weekly basis at the Code Karate website. This is our place to write about Drupal and other technical tips / tricks. We also post weekly videos to our CodeKarate YouTube channel where we teach thousands of subscribers more about Drupal, website development, and eCommerce.

Our hope is that you find our course(s) beneficial and they inspire you to achieve your dreams.

Thanks and happy learning.