Dr. Shane Wall

Whatever God Says Is The Understanding

Dr. Shane Wall has ministered internationally for over 31 years.

He's the founder and senior pastor of The Feast of the Lord in Orangeburg, SC, where he and his wife Jasmyne reside.

Dr. Shane Wall has been recognized internationally for his literary and mission work by institutions in Nigeria and America. He's received Honorary Doctorate degrees for his several accomplishments. An honorary degree is an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-awarding institution) has waived the usual requirements, based on an overwhelming amount of exemplary proof of the candidates work in a specified field of study.

Dr. Wall is the Gospel recording artist of the CD, 'Conversations with God' and author of 'What Are You Doing After the Dance?' and his newly released book, 'Understanding: All Success is Attained by It,' is hailed as the first Christian book ever written on the subject.

He formed The Church FM (Fellowship Ministry) for pastors and their congregations to benefit from the experience he's gained as a leader in the church and in the community.

He hosts the top-rated podcast-turned-television show, "Hi, Dad!" that features his off-the-cuff answers to questions from around the country from youth who lack access to fatherly advice concerning their life's problems.

He travels internationally speaking at various events, and produces ministry training video courses for The Understanding Center, his online effort that equips people across the globe to effectively minister in the Spirit, with a heart of Godly integrity.

Dr. Wall believes, “Life is what God has given me to fulfill my calling.” He has also been quoted saying, “I wasn't created for me; I was created by God to help others. God will take care of my needs.”