Shane Martincik

Social media expert

Hi I'm Shane, I'm from Omaha, Nebraska, and if you don't know where that is, well in short its the heart of the USA. Moving on, I personally have been an entrepreneur just about all my life, I've done about everything you can name, if it was innovative, exhilarating, or could make me money I wanted a piece of it.

Now, what I quickly learned at a very young age, was that knowledge over everything was going to be the key factor to my success. The only problem I found was that the knowledge needed to succeed in a specific area was never directly connected to that area, it was hidden off somewhere else completely unassociated to where it could be best applied. For that epiphany allowed me the ability to find the path which would later lead me to my current success, but with it came much struggle and hardship. And for that reason I am here on "udemy" to try to assist others in guiding the way  through to a much more focused and straightforward path so that you may acquire the knowledge needed  to succeed without having to stray far from said path.

Lastly what i do doesn't necessarily have a title, but if I had to categorize it as a specific job, I'd probably go as far as to say i'm a social media expert. What that means is I grow social media pages (facebook ,instagram ,twitter, pinterest, tumbler etc) from nothing to something. You know all of those super instagram page's with a million+ followers that you love so much? Yeah? well so do I, cause thats what I do, and thats what I teach others to do as-well! 

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