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"Hey Y'all! We are Shane and Jocelyn Sams; the dynamic duo behind FlippedLifestyle .com and The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast. We are a real couple making our entire living earning passive income online using membership websites. Former teachers, we built a business that allowed us to quit our day jobs, spend more time with our family, and earn passive income online. We now generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in profit while only working around 10-15 hours of work per week! Our mission is to help other families build and grow successful online businesses through our Flipped Lifestyle Podcast, Flip Your Life community and our blog at FlippedLifestyle .com.  Read the full story of our success below.  We can't wait to help you flip your life too!"


Press Release: Shane and Jocelyn Sams are a real couple making their entire living selling digital products online via membership websites. Their passive income business generates hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in profit while only requiring them to work 10-15 hours per week!

In the spring of 2012, Shane had a horrible experience at work that made him realize he and Jocelyn had given total control of their time and life to others in exchange for a small but steady paycheck. An emergency involving their son, unsupportive management at work, and the realization that control of one’s time (life) was more important than the security of a 9-to-5 job inspired Shane to look for an alternative source of income.

In the summer of 2012, on a rare day off work, Shane stumbled across a podcast about regular people changing their lives through online business. The couple started brainstorming about how they could do this, too. Shane and Jocelyn started a couple of websites. No one could have prepared them for what happened next.

In just a few short months, Shane and Jocelyn were able to make thousands of extra dollars each month selling ebooks, training videos, and lesson plans online. Just twelve months later, they surpassed the five figure mark in online sales for a single month. When their August 2013 sales surpassed $36,000 (the equivalent of one of our annual salaries), Shane and Jocelyn decided it was time to stop working for someone else and start living for their family.

In September of 2013, just one year after discovering online business, Shane and Jocelyn made the decision to quit their full time jobs to run their online business full time, and they have never looked back.

Shane and Jocelyn now have more time for each other, more time to spend with their children, Isaac (7) and Anna Jo (5), and are making more money than they ever dreamed possible. In July 2014 alone, they were able to make over $140,000. Online business truly changed their lives and their family’s future forever.

After cementing their online success, Shane and Jocelyn started the Flipped Lifestyle website and podcast to help other families change their lives through online business.

They now offer training, coaching, community and accountability for online entrepreneurs in their Flip Your Life community.

To learn more or reach out to Shane and Jocelyn, go to FlippedLifestyle .com.

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● Or Contact tiffany @ samsdigital .com

Testimonials / Student Success Stories:

  • ●  Video testimonials can be found at Flipyourlife.FlippedLifestyle .com

  • ● Evan Burse, TheCartoonBlock .com

"We made $10,000 on our very 1st day of sales and $30,000 in our first month thanks to Shane & Jocelyn’s help. Now we have a successful membership site earning recurring income each month!"

● Brad Barrett, RichmondSavers .com

○ “Shane and Jocelyn took my online business to the next level. Three months after hiring Shane & Jocelyn, I quit my 9-to-5 job! I get to pick my daughter up off the bus every day, and am in control of my family’s future thanks to S&J!”

● Jeanette Stein, Algebra1Teachers .com

○ “Shane & Jocelyn helped me completely replace the income from my job in just three months. I had been working on my online business for YEARS with little to show for it, Shane & Jocelyn helped me turn it around overnight. I’m so thankful I found them and their Flip Your Life community”

● Shelley Hitz, AuthorAudience .com

○ After working with Shane & Jocelyn I had my biggest launch ever, and started a successful monthly membership site! I highly recommend working with Shane & Jocelyn. They are for real and know their stuff!”

● JoAnn Berkowitz, RenewTeachingCredential .com

○ “Since I started working with Shane & Jocelyn I have experienced a 450% growth in revenue! Shane & Jocelyn’s guidance, ideas and encouragement made this possible! Simply amazing!”

● Chris Greenwood, SmartMusicBusiness .com

I was selling almost nothing online before I met Shane & Jocelyn. I did what they said and last month made $4000! Shane & Jocelyn have made a huge impact on my life and my business!

● More testimonials available upon request: Contact tiffany @ samsdigital .com 

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